Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We have a ten month old! Double Digits! Two more months until I have a ONE.YEAR.OLD!
Um. I am freaking out a little. alsdkjf;gh
People always told me that I would love this stage of his life, and back when he was just tiny and snuggly, I couldn't believe that any stage was better than the 3-6 month stage of life. And now here we are...with a completely mobile, talkative, smiley, curious, energetic, and lovey ten month old baby boy...and I am LOVING it!
Bridger is making us laugh and is doing new things just about every day. He's always on the move, exploring new areas of the house he couldn't quite get to before, and lights up whenever anyone walks in the room...especially if it's his daddy or his Big Fella.
At ten months, our Bridger Boy:
-crawls everywhere, but still does the army crawl when he's not wearing pants (hah!)
-is becoming a bit of a picky eater, much to my dismay. He puts everything in his mouth, but then spits it out to examine it, puts it back in to decide if he likes it, and if we are lucky, he'll keep it in and swallow. If we are lucky. Grrr.
-likes green grapes, string cheese, chicken, pretzels, graham crackers, goldfish, apples, squash, applesauce, oatmeal (with brown sugar, of course), bananas, Life cereal.
-drinks from a sippy cup like a pro
-loves Honey's fruit shakes in the morning
-likes playing the piano
-sits on his knees sometimes
-pulls himself up onto furniture, and is starting to walk along the furniture, too!
-sleeps from 8:30-7:00
-likes to be sung to...this always seems to calm him down when he's fussy or tired
-likes to read books, especially the touchy feely ones
-climbs the stairs, but still can't go down! He isn't scared at all by falling down, which is a little concerning!
-likes watching The Wonder Pets occasionally
-waves bye-bye by scruching his hand together over and over
-makes a clicking sound with his tongue after we do it to him
-says Momma (ok, ok, so maybe he doesn't know what it means, but I am still counting it as his first word)
-is keeping up with the kitty a lot better these days!
-loves glasses, and always takes them off of anyones face, who's holding him...especially Big Fella
-loves being outside
-stands up in his crib when he is done with his nap
-climbs up and over things
-likes playing pounding on the xylophone
-likes taking showers and baths still
-points at things with his fat little finger
-reaches for people when he wants to be held
-crawls up my leg and cries/fusses when he wants me to hold him
-pushes his walker around
-learning how to give kisses
-has 4 teeth and bites super hard!
This stage of Bridger's young little life really is so much fun. We love this boy of ours. Do I say that enough??? It's so fun watching him explore and learn new things. Steve and I are lucky to be his parents. Although some days might be a little hard, being a mom is the best thing I've ever done. I'm grateful that I'm able to stay home and be with our little boy, to teach him and love him. And I am grateful for Steve's job and that he works really hard for our little family, so that I can stay home and be a mom to our little munchkin.

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