Monday, January 27, 2014

A (little) House Update

We are getting close, although, from the looks of these pictures it seems like we have a ways to go. These were from quite awhile ago, but they give an idea of the direction we are going. We are going FORWARD, and UP!

Just a couple nights ago, Steve and I looked at all the before pictures (that will come later), and realized that we really have done so much to the house! All the little details that weren't there before, all the new storage concepts, the new colors (if you call white and greige a color!), not to mention some big changes, like the herringbone wood wall in my family room, a shiny white subway tile backsplash to the ceiling, and newly stained wood floors.

Needless to say, I am pretty excited about the final project....only a month away!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


We have a two-year-old. It's official, and I'm not so sure how I feel about it. I mean, this age really is so fun. And he's learning so much, and talking (whether or not I can understand him) ALL.THE.TIME. He's a lovey little thing that likes to be cozy on the sofa, while drinking his morning coffee chocolate milk and watching "tee-deeee." He thinks every older man with a beard is Santa. He even thought the swirly part of his ice cream cone was Santa last night. But really. Where has the baby gone??? Sometimes when he wears his little onesie outfit that Honey got him that says I'M AWESOME I imagine him being a lot smaller than he really is. I actually like buttoning up his bottom when he wears that outfit, because that's how all baby clothes are, really. Anyway, he's big now, and there's nothing I can do about it, other than enjoy every second. And really, I am. I am loving this little age of constant questions, discovery, and learning. And that sharp little personality of his is pretty killer, too.    

His birthday was pretty simple. No huge party this year, and actually, I really liked it. And I think B liked it even more. Just our little family. Bridger played in the snow, opened presents (when he was ready and willing), ran around with his super hero cape that Honey made him, ate a yummy breakfast, took a nice long nap, went to see Frozen, went to dinner at Chick-fil-a, and came home for cupcakes and a couple more presents. Our day was low key, and all about our little B. It was perfect. Too bad I won't always be able to get away with no big birthday parties! 

At age TWO, Bridger loves:
-BOOKS...he could read books all day long (some days it feels like we do!) and be a happy little camper. This makes me so happy! Buying children's books is so fun for me, because I like getting all the ones that I grew up with, and adding them to our growing library. Some of Bridger's favorites are Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear and Each Peach Pear Plum. I think we could read those three books until the end of time, and B would be just fine with that.
-Being outside...snow, rain, sun. This kid will take whatever he can get. He loves the snow lately though. He asks for "ice" multiple times a day, which means I go outside, and clump together as much clean snow as I can find for him to eat. I wish snow had calories. Maybe Bridger's baby rolls would come back then. 
-Fruit Snacks...what kid (and mom) doesn't though!
-Watching Magic School Bus, Arthur, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Sesame Street
-His BYU is not uncommon for him to sleep with the hat on. If he doesn't wear it, one of his stuffed animals will. 
-saying "No! No! No! No! No!" "Oneeeee, Twoooo....." (he loves to count, but only will count to two--Hah!), "Don't waaant disssss" "Peeeese!" "oooh! YowYow!" (when he sees the kitty)
-Coloring...he loves to color in his coloring books, and loves coloring with the pink highlighter most of all (much to Steve's dismay). He knows the colors boo (blue), orjishhh (orange), and of course, PINK! We are working on all the other colors of the rainbow! Yeh-yoow, is my very favorite for him to say, though.
-Playing pictionary...he loves guessing what picture I draw for him. He can guess bus, truck, sun, stars, moon, book, the letter B, house, fish, boat, and balloon.
-Saying his name (B!) and how old his is (Two!) while holding up both pointer fingers :)
-Buses, trucks, and planes...he can point out any of these things before I can even see them! 
-Riding his bike...but not the one that Santa gave him for Christmas. He still likes the old purple one with a broken pedal and a cracked seat. His new shiny red one even has a cool bell! 
-Playing at the park...I think this was one of the first things that clued me in to the fact that he isn't a baby anymore! He can play on all the playground equipment and shows no fear! He even climbs to the top of the slides and goes down all by himself!    
-Playing with his friends and cousins...and although we are still working on, ahem, sharing, he really does love playing and being around kids. It's a cry fest every week that we have to take him out of nursery to go home after church!
-Snuggling...he loves being cozy warm and being held while watching a show or reading a book. This is my favorite. He loves to be loved....and we love to love him! 

Two is such a busy age, but I am ready for it! Here is to a year full of more firsts....hello potty training! We love you Bridger Grow. Thanks for hanging in there with me and Daddy while we learn and grow alongside you. You are the light of our lives, our little prince, and the sweetest super hero around. 

Happy Birthday!