Thursday, May 17, 2012

Learning Moment

This is so funny.

Last night, Steve and I were finishing up dinner, and I said, "Hey maybe we should feed Bridger some rice cereal tonight before bed! That could be fun!" (It would have been his first time ever)

Steve got pretty excited, and said, "Ya! Don't we have some Rice Krispies?"

Umm. Seriously? He must be joking, I thought.


He said, "I think we have some in the pantry we can give to him!"

What the? I was dying! I guess I wasn't thorough enough when I told him we could start feeding Bridger rice cereal.

He's right, though. Rice Krispies ARE rice cereal (and pretty good, too, as long as you dump a bunch of sugar on top)...just not the kind a 4 month old can eat. :)

Steve learned last night that THIS is the rice cereal that Bridger will be eating.

Haha, I love that man of mine.

**We actually didn't have any cereal to feed Bridger that night, which is why there are no pictures of him eating any. Soon though!  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ok, ok time just needs to slow down.
Or better yet...

He really is just the cutest and sweetest baby ever.
How did we get lucky enough to be his mom and dad?

It's true.
Our little Bridger isn't so little anymore!
I mean seriously, LOOK at those rolls!
Don't you just want to give them a good little squeeze?
If his swimming suit wasn't so cute on him, I would have made his 4 month picture strictly of his chunky thighs.

At 4 months, Bridger:
-Is 14 lb 9 oz, 24 inches
-Laughs and talks a lot these days!
-Rolls from side to side, but hasn't made it all the way over yet
-Likes the swimming pool
-Sleeps pretty good still, about 8 hours on average
-Loves his little play mat, reaches for, and pulls on the hanging toys
-Grabs his feet when he is on his back
-Sucks on EVERYTHING! (Blankets, fists, toys, clothes, you name it)
-Likes playing superman with Mom
-Loves his little rattle ball toy
-Still loves the bath, even moreso now!
-Gets the biggest smile when he gets naked! Hah!

This baby is so fun!

So the other day, I was in the bathroom getting ready, and Steve had Bridger in the family room with him. I don't think I had been paying attention for a little while, but I finally noticed that there were little kid sounds coming from the other room. I went to go check on Steve and B, and what did I find?
They were both intently watching Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids.
I'm sure Bridger was loving all the bright colors and movement on the screen, but I'm not so sure what Steve was completely mesmerized by. I was like, "Uh, aren't we starting this a little young?" and Steve said, "What? He likes it!"
Ya, sure. He likes it.
It was actually pretty cute, and I wish I had gotten a picture of that little father/son moment.
Looks like Bridger found his Saturday morning cartoon watching buddy!
(Or maybe Steve found his!)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Look what this boy is doing now!
It's really amazing how quickly babies change and grow. I can't believe it has almost been four months since he was born, and already he is so much more interactive, curious, and aware of everything going on around him.
It's so cute to watch his little head bobble around, as he notices people and sounds.

Here are just a few of Bridger's new "tricks"! 

After I put him in his carseat, if he's awake, he usually will put his head as far forward as he can so it doesn't touch the back of the seat. He'll stay like this for the entire car ride sometimes! 
Do most babies do this???

He likes sitting up these days. His head is getting so strong! 
And most importantly, he really likes being naked. Hah! 

He's liking his Bumbo more and more!
He usually is happy when someone (me or Steve) is in the room with him, which makes it difficult when I need to cook dinner or do dishes or something like that because having his playmat in the kitchen just doesn't work for me.
The Bumbo does though!
That thing sits nicely on the kitchen counter, so Bridger and I can talk and sing while I cook.
My mom used to do that with us girls when we were babies, so of course I do it now, too :)

Look how flexible I am!
Honey says that this is some kind of Pilates move, and that my core is going to be super strong :)

Ok, this boy LOVES LOVES LOVES his fingers!
And his whole fist for that matter.
He sucks on his fingers like there's no tomorrow!

First of all, don't you just want to eat those little toes???
Ok, this is the playmat.
We borrowed it from Marianne, and I am now on the hunt for one similar to it, because Bridger is loving it so much right now!
I will lay him down on it, and his legs and arms will immediately shoot up in the air and start flailing around, rattling all the toys.
I'll put him on it in the morning while I'm getting ready, and I'll hear him in the other room, just kicking and talking, and sometimes he'll just start laughing at who knows what.
It's seriously so stinkin' cute!

You're probably wondering why I didn't put one of him rolling over on here.
Well, that's because he isn't rolling quite yet.
But he's close and we are practicing every day!
He gets to his side and freezes.
The roll is coming soon though, I can feel it!
(Sorry Mom! I know you want him to hold off on doing anything else until you can see him in May, but this might have to be an exception!)

We sure love our boy Bridger!


Bridger has liked his bouncy chair since he was just tiny, but now, he is not sure whether he loves it or hates it.
He wiggles himself down to the very bottom of the seat, puts his little legs up in the air, and then twists and turns and kicks until he's half on/half off the thing.
And then he just doesn't know what to do.
He's stuck.

And I think it's so funny!
Does this make me a bad mom??
Sure hope not! 
Bridger Boy usually just sits there, fairly content, just talking to himself, until I finally move him.
This particular time, he was actually smiling!

I'm sure he was thinking his new little "trick" was so clever :)

Moral of the story:
I guess we should start strapping him in the bouncer.

My own predicament:
If I have to strap him in the bouncer, it means I can't cover it up with a cute blanket.
I'm not a huge fan of this bouncer, so I keep a blanket over it to make it softer for the boy, and to cover up the hideous ruffles.
Steve said his boy can't sit in anything ruffly. :)

Oh well. He'll outgrow it sooner or later, and then we won't have to worry about it.
These days, he's actually more into the little play mat than the bouncer anyway.

Crisis averted!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catch Up

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather lately, so I haven't been blogging quite as much.
But hey, it's still a TON more than I ever did our first two years of marriage.

Here's what we've been up to:

Brian's Gradution.
Steve's parent were in town and we had a great time visiting with them.
We brought Bridger to the graduation, and he did pretty good.
Every time the audience would cheer, Bridger would SCREAM, not like a scared or sad scream, but an excited, "look at me" kind of scream.
It was pretty hilarious.
I love that he is noticing his own voice and is talking and cooing a lot more.
I seriously could listen to him talk

Steve and the baby were matching. And it was totally not on purpose! I'm just that good I guess :)

After graduation, we made our way to the tulip festival. It was so nice just to walk around and enjoy the weather! The flowers were beautiful, and made me want to get home and start planting. Too bad my flowers NEVER look like the ones at Thankgiving Point! Each year they are getting better and better, though, so I have high hopes for this year's little blooms!

Steve and I also left Bridger and went on a date, just the two of us! We went to see Hunger Games. It was my second time.
I loved it just as much as I did the first time around, and Steve liked it, too. I thought he would be a little critical of the movie, seeing as he didn't really know much about it going in. I thought he would come out saying, "That is SO unrealistic! That would NEVER happen in real life! No one would EVER dress like that or do that to their hair." You know, stuff like that. 
Hah! Does that sound about right, Steve?
I'm glad he liked it. And it was a nice night out, just the two of us.
We need more of those!

We left Bridger again, with Taylor, and went to the temple. It was the first time we had been since the baby was born. We went with our ward, and it was great. As usual.
Bishop Stone treated those who went to dessert at Magleby's afterward.
Best temple attendance this ward has seen yet :)

We went to dinner at Marley's with our friends Courtney and Rock and then Yogurtland for dessert (because I just can't seem to control myself when it comes to that place) and then back to our house for some good ol' Rollover.
Oh, and isn't their little Reece sooo cute? She was born just a week before B and they are getting married. Mark your calendars for like 100 million years from now. 

But seriously, they should totally get married :)   

Just yesterday, I planted flowers!
I was originally thinking I would just do all white flowers this year, but the hot pink was too pretty to pass up. I love that Steve loves having a nice looking yard and home. It makes yardwork and housework not seem like such a chore when you both like it and can do it together.
Also, I like it when Steve compliments my efforts. 
He loves the flowers I chose. 

My cousin and her husband were here for the weekend, so we got to visit with them and their two cute kiddos (soon to be three!)
Brookie was just itching for Baby Bridger to wake up from his nap so she could hold him.
She was pretty cute with him.

I weeded all the live long day for two days this week.
We have this little hillside in our backyard and it is was covered completely by this stupid weed called "myrtle spurge." Look it up and make sure the stuff doesn't come anywhere near your yard!

Steve said, "Too bad Adam and Eve were cast out of that garden. These are those noxious weeds they were talking about!" Haha Steve. Making every moment a teaching moment.

Anyway, we want to plant other things there, possibly some veggies, but can't plant til the thing is weed-free! Holy smokes that was a chore, and one I don't plan to do again. Ok, but here is the silver all my weeding, look what I discovered...

I have Lilies of the Valley growing in my weed patch! These flowers remind me so much of my sweet Mamma Donna. She cuts a bunch of these little white flowers, wraps them in a piece of wet paper towel to keep them hydrated, and sends them home with me each spring. I love looking out my window now and seeing these flowers on my once weed-covered hillside.   

Here is my little gardening buddy.
Happy as can be just playing on his mat in the shade.

Last weekend, we did a little shopping at the outlets in Park City and then dinner at Kneaders. It was fun, and I got a few new cute things. Thanks love!
(Steve got more than I did this time around. Just for the record.)

And finally, some moms from my ward got together and we went for a walk along the river down by the Riverwoods shopping center. It was nice to get out and enjoy the weather.
It's been so beautiful lately so we are definitely soaking it up around here.

It's been a fun few weeks, and we have a busy weekend ahead of us.

The day has finally come!
His parents get in tonight and we have a fun BBQ with pizzas on the grill planned for his party on Friday night.
And s'mores of course.
And strawberry shortcake.
We are so proud of him and are excited to see where life now takes us and what happens next!