Thursday, November 15, 2012


And the update continues...

Also in October, the weekend before Halloween, our little family of three went to get our boy a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch. It was a beautiful day, and we had the best time taking pictures and helping Bridger pick out his very first pumpkin.

And he actually picked out his own pumpkin!

We would put two pumpkins in front of him, and he would pat his little hand on one. Then we would take chosen pumpkin, and put it with another. He patted the same pumpkin again! He did this FIVE times, choosing the same pumpkin each time! And the last time, he used his chunky little finger and pointed at that pumpkin like, "Ok, Mom and Dad. Hellooo! I want THIS dang pumpkin. Now get up there and buy it already!" Or, something along those lines.   

Holidays are so much more fun when you have a baby. Everything is being done for the first time, and that makes it so exciting for me and Steve. We loved spending this day together as a family, and we couldn't wait to get that little baby pumpkin carved for our boy!





  1. You guys look great! We love pumpkin patches around here.

  2. So the question is... Was the pumpkin he chose always on the same side, and which hand did he use to choose it?