Friday, February 24, 2012


This little mister has been sleeping so great these past few nights! Who knew that 5 and 6 hours IN A ROW would feel so good (for me of course)! Hopefully we have turned a corner, and this isn't just a little phase he's going through. Steve and I are both crossing our fingers...and toes!

(This boy has more hats than I can count! This bunny one is from his Aunties. So cute!)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Bridger

Ok, so I guess since I'm now officially a mom, I need to start blogging a little more than say, once every couple years (and to be honest, it was Steve that did those two posts, not me!) I am going to be realistic though, and if I can get one post a month, then I think that's pretty good!
Progress is progress, right?

Lots of changes around here!

On January 14, 2012, we welcomed this sweet little boy into our family. It was an amazing experience and one that I won't ever forget. It was pretty amazing how instantly we just fell in love with him.
We can't stop kissing his little neck and face! He's just that loveable I guess. 

Such a tiny little nugget!
Our Bridger boy is now ONE month old! Where has the time gone!?

At ONE month, our little Bridger is now 9 pounds and eating like a champ, obviously. His doctor was a little surprised shocked that he had gained that much weight that quickly. 3 pounds in a month, whaaa? What can I say, the boy loves to eat.

He is holding his head up, smiling, and is so much more aware of everything around him. He stares up at the lights all the time and my favorite, at me!

He has been such a fun baby, but holy moly, being a mom is a lot of work! 
I'm lucky to get dressed and showered by 12 every day! 

Do you blame me though? Wouldn't you rather be playing with this little mister?

Bridger Boy,
Stop growing so fast! I just can't handle it! You are such a sweet boy, and I am so grateful I get to be your mamma. You definitely have your dad and me wrapped around your little finger, and I don't mind one little bit. You have brought such a sweet spirit into our home. I love you so much!
xoxo, Mom