Monday, September 17, 2012

happy anniversary

today is our third anniversary.

the anniversary of the day i became a mrs
the anniversary of the day my life changed forever
the anniversary of the day my life changed for the better
the anniversary of the day i was sealed for eternity
the anniversary of the day i started my own family
the anniversary of the day i married my very best friend

i love this man of mine and am lucky to have him by my side. he is the best dad to our boy, and the best husband to me.

i love him.

we are going out on a date tonight to celebrate. and i'm going to dress up a little, because some dates call for a little dressing up, don't you think?

3 years down, lots and lots to forever.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm sitting here, watching Bridger roll around on the floor, grabbing onto just about everything he can get his little paws on, and putting said things directly into his mouth. We've got an active baby on our hands these days, and he's not even crawling yet! I think I'm in trouble.

Dang it, I've been spotted! He's slowly making his way over my direction, but I'm guessing it's not to see me, but to pound on this keyboard, and to look at the bright computer screen instead. I can't believe he's this old already! I know I say this every month, but time is seriously flying by, and I would like it to just slow down. PLEEEEASE!

Bridger was rolling around today in his little walker toy that my dad just HAD to buy him, using his little feet and cruising all around the kitchen. Steve, at one point, looked at me and said, "Where is our baby??"


It seems as if he's grown over night. This stage in his little life is so much fun though, and we are soaking it all in! ....and so are my mom and dad :)

At 8 Months, Bridger:
-has a tooth! and it's sharp!
-likes to "walk" while we hold his chubby little hands
-rolls, and rolls, and rolls everywhere! (and I'm not just talking about the rolls on his body, although, those are just as remarkable)
-starting to scoot, almost like an army crawl
-sleeps 12 hours at night still
-2 naps a day for a couple hours usually
-eats pretty much whatever we are eating
-not a huge fan of his baby food anymore for some reason
-loves Cheerios, Veggie Straws, and bananas, and can feed himself (mostly with his left hand, too!)
-loves swinging outside, and going down the slide
-soooo noisy, especially during sacrament meeting (sorry dad!)
-throws his head back, and makes this funny elephant sound when he gets tired or frustrated
-loves playing with wooden spoons, tuperware, and spatulas
-still loves his tags :)
-likes drinking water out of a cup (hasn't quite figured out the sippy yet)
-loves balls
-loves his HUGE fluffy duck (he flaps his arms really fast whenever he sees it)
-will NOT hold his bottle and feed himself (Honey has gotten him to do it a few times, of course!)
-can sit up by himself!
-loves the kitty still, even though the kitty doesn't love him back as much
-loves to roll around on Honey's bed before he goes to bed at night
-loves little kids and watches them intently
-loves the water! showers. baths. pools. This boy is going to be a swimmer! He goes under the water without even flinching, and floats on his back like a pro!
-starting to like books more and more
-makes fishy faces and smacking sounds and we think that means he's kissing :)
-claps his hands when we sing Patty Cake to him
-likes playing peek-a-boo
-ticklish everywhere!
-loves Big Fella's glasses, much to my dad's dismay (I think he cleans those things at least 5 times a day)
-loves when his Daddy comes home from work
-likes when I sing Primary songs to him
-loves his Mommy and Daddy

We love this chunky little monkey of ours! He is such a blessing in our lives and we are lucky that we get to be his Mom and Dad.

On a separate note, we are loving Denver! Steve is really enjoying his job and the new responsibilites he's been given. I am so proud of him, and all the hard work he's put in to providing for our family. I realize more and more each day how blessed I am to be able to stay home with Bridger. My parents are so sweet to let us live with them during this time, while we figure out the best place for our little family to live. I think Bridger kind of sealed the deal, though, when it came to my parents agreeing to this little arrangement. They really love him, and it's fun to see him interact on a daily basis with them. He loves his Honey and Big Fella. And McKae, too! He sure loves his Auntie M! And she kinda loves him long as he's not crying, just to get attention. Hah!

Well, 8 months means that I only have 4 more months until I have a 1 year old, and that just about freaks me out. So, don't mention it...I already know!

Hugs and lots of kisses Bridger Boy! We sure love your sweet little face!