Thursday, August 16, 2012


The other day, Bridger and I were in a store, and this little boy poked his mom, and said, "Mom! Mom! Look! Look at the little baby! He has HUUUUUGE eyes!"

The mom, turned around, smiled at me, and agreed. "Yes, his eyes really are HUUUUUGE!" 

More often than not, whether we're in the grocery store, the gas station, out shopping, or just walking around, the first thing that people notice about Bridger are his BIG eyes. And they are--they are HUGE!

And they are just about the sweetest eyes I have ever seen.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My dad's side of the family tries to go up to Breckenridge every summer before school starts. We spend a relaxing weekend playing cards, playing outside, golfing, shopping in town, eating, and watching movies.

The weather is usually so great, and it's usually nice to get away from the heat for a few days. This time, however, we got rained on quite a bit! It was still a great little weekend getaway though, and we made the most of our time up there. My dad, Steve, and my grandparents golfed, we walked around Breckenridge Main Street, and found some really fun stores that I'm sure we'll visit again next year. We ate crepes at the crepe stand in town, went to the driving range and I won a milkshake from my dad, that I'll be forcing him to deliver on this week, sat in the hot tub at night, watched the last couple days of the Olympics, and played lots of Rollover.

Can't wait to go back next summer.

Strawberry Shortcake was just as delicious as it sounds.

My mom bought Bridger this darling little fox...which he immediately put in his mouth. Lots of tags and things to suck on make for one happy baby!

See you next summer!

Preferably without so much rain :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

our baby is

Every month that I do this little "month birthday" post, I find myself looking back on his newborn pictures...and dying that he's one month older! I love looking back on those pictures, because that was the day that my life changed forever. And it was one of the best days of my life! I became a mom that day, and I have loved every day since then. Getting to snuggle and love this boy all day long is seriously the best!

Even though he doesn't love to be snuggled :)

At 7 months:
-sleeps from about 8 or 8:30 to 7:30ish
-loves to eat just about anything and everything...especially popsicles!
-loves squash, sweet potatoes, peas, beans (way more than fruit!)
-likes bananas and peaches
-hates apricots
-loves yogurt bites and veggie straws (and I love them too, because they work like a pacifier)
-loves taking "sips" of water from a cup
-still won't hold his own bottle, but you better believe we are working on it!
-will eat anything given to him on a normal fork or spoon
-LOVES the tags on everything

Sidenote: I cannot emphasize that last bullet point enough. Bridger LOVES tags. He will suck on the tags of his toys rather than play with them. He will find the tags on his blankets and go to town. He even found the tag on his stroller when it was brand new, and I caught him, neck craned, trying to get the big tag into his mouth. It's pretty hilarious to watch him focus so intently on the tags before he shoves them into his mouth. Often times, I'll look over at him as he's playing, and he'll have the tag in his mouth, and the toy will just be dangling there. And he's as happy as can be. I was about to cut the tags off of all his toys because they are so big and ridiculous, but then I discovered this little obsession of his. Good thing I didn't snip any of his precious tags off his stuff! Pictures of this funny little quirk to come in a later post...

Moving on....
-doesn't crawl, but Honey is trying to teach him, and I don't know how I feel about it yet!
-likes to balance on his bum while holding onto one foot and lifting it into the air
-loves the swing
-when I put him down to sleep for a nap or at night, he scooches himself to the corner of the crib and smashed his face up against the side of the crib, and falls asleep, all within a minute or two
-loves stuffed animals
-flaps his arms up and down really fast when he's excited (which earned him the nickname of Penguin by my dad)
-out of the Bumbo and into a highchair he went! (His legs are too chunky for the Bumbo and he was tired of getting stuck every time)
-loves the shower now, just as much as the bath
-he is really into mauling everyone's faces lately, and I'm not sure why exactly. If you kiss his cheek, he will immediately attack your face. It's so funny, but maybe just needs to be experienced to understand completely. We'll leave it at that.
-loves the kitty, and because of that, we haven't seen the kitty around much lately
-loves hats, especially Big Fella's
-talks all the time
-wore shoes for the first time on Sunday, for about, oh, and hour. They fell off before anyone could even see how cute they were on him! oh well...
-likes to hold his diapers (clean ones) while I'm changing him
-likes to hold the lotion while I'm lotioning (new word?) him
-he's rocking the mowhawk these days, and it gets more attention than he does when we are out and about. hah!
-loves the grass, and doesn't mind just sitting in it
-loves just about everyone right now. no favorites with this boy! (bummer for me!)
-loves being around people, and having someone in sight at all times. if you leave the room, he cries pretty much immediately, which means we have had to learn to be sneaky when needing to get things done around here.

All of this is great and so much fun to look back on and remember, but if I could only remember one thing about this stage, it would be that it's so FUN! I am loving this age. He is so inquisitive already, really studying things and figuring things out. He's so lovey too, and maybe a little needy, but that's ok, because I'm the mom, and I'm supposed to be needed, right?? He is just the happiest boy, and we are lucky to have him in our little family. I can't really imagine my life without a baby BOY!

Ah, it's seriously the best.

He refused to look at the camera today. Soooo, this is what we get.  

Friday, August 3, 2012

Photo Shoot

My little sister Taylor, took family pictures for us before we left. Seriously, the girl has got such a talent! I love how they turned out, especially the ones of Bridger. She totally captured his little BIG personality.  

We had to be quick with this shoot, because B is a bit of a wiggler these days. He did great though, and I was so excited to finally get some professional 6 month pictures taken of him, and family pictures of the three of us.

Thanks Tay! We love you and are missing you already!

Here are a few of my favs from the day.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moving Day!

We made it! We are in Colorado, and have finally settled in.

Settled into my parents basement, that is :)
We really are happy to be living here, and are so grateful that they are letting us bombard them for the next little while.
Bridger is going to be in heaven having so much attention from so many different people, once he's adjusted and used to everything again. He's been having a rough time these past couple days. Just super fussy, which isn't like him at all. Plus, he's sick again. Ugh.

THIS is how my boy usually is.

Packing up our little apartment was quite the task! But, we did it! I think we have become expert shrink wrappers, bubble wrappers, and paper wrappers since we started this whole thing. We kept thinking, as we were packing, oh, we are going to have soooo many boxes left over. Or, oh, we got waaay to much packing tape, and paper. Nope. Pretty much used it all up. I was shocked to say the least. Do I seriously have that much stuff???

Working at an interior design store was both a blessing and a curse. I think we had about 10-15 big boxes of JUST decor. Not including large pictures, and furniture. The plus side of it all is that we won't have to buy much when we move into a house. I keep reminding Steve of that little detail, and it seems to calm him a bit.

We got everything loaded on the storage boxes in a just a couple days, thanks to Elders Quorum helpers, and then we had to cram the rest of our stuff in our cars to take to my parents house. And after all that, it was so weird walking through our place, totally empty. This is where Steve and I first started out. This is where we brought Bridger home from the hospital. This is where we've lived for almost 3 years now. This was home to me. And I kinda miss that old place! I never thought I would say it, but I do. I kinda miss it.

But, I am pretty excited for our new adventure here in Colorado. I'm excited to see where we buy a house. I'm excited to have my OWN house to do whatever I want to! I am excited to make new friends. I am excited to live near my parents and other cousins that I haven't been around much since high school. I'm excited for Steve's new job, because he seems to be really really excited about it. I think there is going to be a lot of opportunity there, and that makes me so proud of him.

Before we left, we were able to cram in a lot with our friends and family. These past three weeks have been some of the busiest yet, and still were so fun! We were able to get together with just about everyone we planned on, and of course hit up some of our favorite places together. J Dawgs was at the top of the list, and we even got a bottle of the Special Sauce to hold us over til the next time we are over...about 2 weeks. We are going to miss our friends and family in Utah! But, it's nice to know that we will be back fairly often. I have a sister over there that I have to see! I'll just hop in the car with my mom when she comes over for the weekend!

Steve had his first day of work yesterday. Yep, my love, your vacation is officially over! It was a fun 3 months; it was so nice having him around to hang out with and to help take care of B. It's a little strange waking up in the morning and him being gone. He leaves pretty early in the morning, but hopefully that means that he'll just get to come home earlier. Traffic here is kind of a beast. It will definitely take some getting used to. Yesterday, because of an accident, it took him over an hour to get to work. Today, it was only 35 minutes. Much more doable. He's already feeling better about everything today! This job is really flexible too, so he'll be able to work from home sometimes, too. He's pretty excited about everything and the direction his career is going.

Bridger and I are just settling in to life here in Colorado. We are going to have fun going to the pool, going on walks/hikes, playing in the yard and on the swings, going to the park, and hopefully making lots of friends along the way :)

Ok, that's a pretty good update for now. Whew!