Thursday, March 14, 2013

14 Months

Our sweet little prince is 14 months! And we can't even believe it! Bridger is developing such a strong little personality. Every day he is doing something to make us laugh...and he is totally catching on that our laughing is because of him! He's a bit of a showoff when he's around people...especially strangers. He spins around, talks, and flirts with the girls (making his daddy so proud, I'm sure)

We spent the afternoon outside because, in true Colorado fashion, it was almost 70 degrees out! Bridger got so excited when we opened the doors and let him run free and wild. He splashed in the water that was flowing down the gutters, waved to cars, dogs, people, and the school bus, ate (dirty) snow, played with chalk (and ate some of that, too!). And all of this fun took place without any pants. I think they would have held him back--hah! We love this little bug, and can hardly wait for the summer so we can spend ALL our days outside!

Annnnd, side note, I got my new camera! And I'm totally clueless about how to work the dang thing. These pic of B are my first attempt. I need to read the owners manuel that is about 5,000 pages long. Oh boy. What have I gotten myself into! I will learn though, and hopefully get better! For now, amateur photos it is.

At 14 months Bridger:
-sleeps like a newborn still! (11 hours at night with 2 naps during the day)
-drinks whole milk like a pro
-finally has more hair (thank goodness...)
-walks/runs all over
-LOVES LOVES LOVES stuffed particular a little tiger/cat that his Grandma GG gave him. I think we'll be in BIG trouble if that thing ever gets lost. It's already looking pretty haggard, too. I have to sneak it away to get it in with a load of laundry. He gets so excited whenever I show it to him...and to show his excitement, he bites it...poor tiger/cat
-is starting to say words! He said "Hi" after my mom said it to him just a week ago!
-is becoming pretty attatched to me (which I secretly don't mind so much--except when I need to use the restroom, or take a shower, or eat)
-spins around in circles to show off (which is pretty much every week at church during RS)
-loves popsicles and animal crackers
-likes to drag things behind him as he walks (ex: belts, his pants, toys, his car, baskets, whatever)
-likes to push laundry baskets (I cannot do laundry without him throwing a fit if I don't let him help push the basket to the laundry room)
-likes to help unload the dishwasher--he hands me the utensils, one at a time, until the tray it totally empty (let's hope this is always something he loves to do :)
-loves books. Love them. Loves loves loves them. He will sit and just look at all his books in the family room without making a peep. It's the sweetest thing.
-loves to take baths and showers. I can't remember a time that B hasn't wanted to take a bath or a shower. The boy loves the water!
-likes to be chased
-loves Honey's bed. He bounces, rolls around, bonks his head on the headboard (padded, don't worry) and becomes a crazy person on that bed!
-likes to hang out in my closet, inbetween the laundry basket and my shoes. It's the funniest thing. If I'm in my room, he'll come in, and just weasle his way back there and just hang out, talking, and singing, and biting his cat (of course)
-also likes to hang out underneath the kitchen table doing the same thing as mentioned above. Silly boy.
-likes to play with remotes and phones (he even trys to talk on the phone sometimes!)
-knows where his belly button is, and can show you when you ask! (it's practically one of the greatest tricks ever known to man)
-sometimes knows where his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears are, too! He's getting much better!
-blows kisses, and even makes the smacking noise
***Bridger had his first major accident. We were playing chase, and he lost his balance and whacked his face on the metal bed frame. The evidence is on his poor little nose. Bad mom!***
***Bridger had his second accident the very next day, while we were outside taking these pictures and playing. He was so excited to be outside, his little legs couldn't keep up with the rest of his body, and he took a digger on the cement, and skinned his poor little knee. It even bled. Bad mom again!***
It will be one of many bumps, bruises, scrapes, burns, and gouges my little boy, and you handle it like a champ already. Hardly any tears!  
Summer, here we come!