Saturday, November 17, 2012


Last update....

This past weekend was so fun! Paige and Taylor came into town for the weekend. Paige and Jeff have a really busy year, and because of that, they aren't able to come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. She was able to come for a couple weekends though, so my mom and dad flew her over for some much needed sister/family time and then she will come back again the first part of December for a couple days again. I hadn't seen Paige since the lake in July, so we were definitely due for a visit. And, of course, Bridger was missing his Auntie Paige!

While Paige and Tay were here, we shopped for maternity clothes, ate at delicious Bonefish Grill, had all the family over to visit and eat pumpkin cheesecake, played Rollover, watched McKae play in her Powder Puff game (which she rocked, by the way), relaxed, and watched Home Alone (one of our favs).

Paige looks great and I am so excited for her little baby boy to get here already. Bridger is going to
love having a little buddy to play with.

We also celebrated my man's birthday. 29 years old! He is the best dad to Bridger and the most thoughtful, loving, and supportive husband.

I remember when Steve and I were dating, our very first Christmas together, he blew me away. He did the 12 Days of Christmas, and each day was another thoughtful gift, that was more special than the day's before. We were at our own homes for Christmas, so we couldn't be together for the last few gifts, but he sent them with me, so that I could still open one each day. This was the case for all but one. The ninth day. On the ninth day, I got a package in the mail. It was thin, so I thought it was just an elaborate card, or something. Instead, it was a little booklet, put together by Steve, by hand. On the front cover it read, "Nine Months of Dating." Inside the little book was a journal of daily happenings in our life as a couple for the entire nine months of our time together. It detailed everything. It was one of the very best gifts I have ever received. And that is just one little example of the thoughtfulness that my husband shows to me.

I'm a pretty lucky girl.

Steve got new cold weather golf gear, so now he's itching to get out there before the snow hits. Who knows, maybe the snow wouldn't even deter him. We'll see! Steve's birthday was pretty low key. We had a birthday brunch on Sunday morning, spent the afternoon at church, and the evening together relaxing and eating baked potato soup and french bread, and homemade (by me) cheesecake.

I love you Steve. More than you even know.
And...get ready for next year's big 3-0 birthday bash. It's gonna be big!


  1. Invite me invite! I don't want to miss his 30th birthday bash!

  2. I am loving all of these updates! I hoped to see a picture of Paige pregnant. I'm sure she looks darling. So fun that Bridger will have a little cousins to play with! They will totally love each other. And happy birthday to Steve! Marcus turns 30 this week but he made me PROMISE not to throw him a party. I wanted to so bad! So we'll come to Steve's big bash next year.