Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Toy

Thanks Big Fella and Honey!
I LOVE my new summer toy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Incident.

Bridger really likes the water.

Wait. Scratch that.

Bridger LOVES the water.
Yep. That's more like it.

My mom and I went flower shopping last week. Bridger ran around, splashing in all the puddles. Mud all over his face, his pants soaked to his knees, his feet squeaking in his shoes from all the water sloshing around in there. He was loving life! And I didn't even care how messy and soaked he got until...

He fell in a hole. A HOLE!

This is how it happened.

He was running along the sidewalk, splashing in the 2-3 inches of water, having the time of his little life. And looking pretty adorable while doing it, of course!
He would occsionally stop and eat some mud from this big pile of dirt. (Where did the big pile of dirt come from, you ask? THE HOLE.)
Then he splashed some more in a bigger puddle, just inches from the hole...
And in my defense, this hole didn't look like a hole. It didn't look any different than the puddle in the picture above. (Proof below) 
And then before I knew it, he walked right into this...
Ok, maybe it looks like more of a hole than a puddle in this picture. But in real life, I couldn't even tell!
He had his little hands in the air, going "Eh! Eh!" And I went, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Moooooommm!" Bridger didn't even shed a single tear.
I yelled again to my mom, and she came running back around the corner. By the time she got there, I had pulled B out of the hole, and I was basically dying of laughter. (Don't worry, I checked if he was hurt. He wasn't.)
Because look at him. I mean really. He was SOAKED up to his chest!
And he didn't even care.
I held him there so we could take a few pictures, and then he was off again. Splashing in the puddles like nothing traumatic had even happened.
He's such a boy.
Oh, and Steve's reaction to the whole story?? He was just disappointed that I didn't get the whole ordeal on camera. Sorry Steve, my initial reaction, when B fell into a 2-ft-deep hole, wasn't to grab the camera. I'll make sure to get my priorities straight the next time it happens :)
And even more disappointing, the flower shop didn't even give us all my mom's flowers for free! How rude. :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was pretty perfect this year. My whole family was together for the first time since last summer. Everyone was in town to see sweet little Madden get blessed. He seriously is the sweetest! He's so snuggly and such a little lovey baby. I'd be lying if I said he didn't make me want another NOW! Patience Kendyle. Patience.

Anyway...the day was lovely. Bridger went to nursery for the first time (a couple months early) and loved it. Church was great. The whole extended family came over for dinner, which was delicious. And we finished the evening eating See's chocolates, opening presents, and laying around outside on the hammock.

I am one of the lucky ones. I get to be the mom to the most fun, happy, loving, darling, energetic, and smart little boy. Bridger really is the light in my life. My days are happy because of him, and I can't remember what life was like before he was a part of our little family. Isn't that weird? Seriously though, what did we do with all that TIME?? Being a mom has been hard at times (of course), but it's also been the most rewarding thing I've done. It has made me more loving and patient. I know that I was meant to be a mother. Nothing in my life gives me more satisfaction than watching Bridger learn, grow, and thrive. I'm going to take a little credit for that, too! I love being a mom. Love, love, love it.

I'm also lucky to have been raised by such a loving mother. My mom is my best friend. I can count on one hand the amount of times that we have had little "tiffs." And I can't even remember them specifically, but I know there has to have been less than five. She is the reason that I feel successful in being a mom, myself. She is such a loving, caring, compassionate, and understanding parent. She set the tone for our family, and continues to do so. She is a teacher. I have watched her for years, and have implemented parenting techniques in my own life. (I can't wait until I can duct tape my kids together when they aren't getting along--that's my favorite!) I love her, and I love that she continues to be a central figure in my life. She is an example to me in more ways that I can count, and if I can measure up to her in even just a few things, I will consider myself golden!

Love you to the moon Mom!