Friday, August 3, 2012

Photo Shoot

My little sister Taylor, took family pictures for us before we left. Seriously, the girl has got such a talent! I love how they turned out, especially the ones of Bridger. She totally captured his little BIG personality.  

We had to be quick with this shoot, because B is a bit of a wiggler these days. He did great though, and I was so excited to finally get some professional 6 month pictures taken of him, and family pictures of the three of us.

Thanks Tay! We love you and are missing you already!

Here are a few of my favs from the day.


  1. I LOVE that Bridger has a little fohawk like his dad!

  2. Beautiful and yes Taylor is talented! Now I just have to post mine for you :)

  3. Kendyle, these all look awesome! Taylor did such a good job! I love the fourth one down of just baby Bridger, it is seriously priceless! You guys look so cute and I love them all. We are getting our pictures taken on Friday and I hope they turn out half as good.

  4. What cute little pictures!! I love Bridger's faces in these too! What a handsome little guy!