Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moving Day!

We made it! We are in Colorado, and have finally settled in.

Settled into my parents basement, that is :)
We really are happy to be living here, and are so grateful that they are letting us bombard them for the next little while.
Bridger is going to be in heaven having so much attention from so many different people, once he's adjusted and used to everything again. He's been having a rough time these past couple days. Just super fussy, which isn't like him at all. Plus, he's sick again. Ugh.

THIS is how my boy usually is.

Packing up our little apartment was quite the task! But, we did it! I think we have become expert shrink wrappers, bubble wrappers, and paper wrappers since we started this whole thing. We kept thinking, as we were packing, oh, we are going to have soooo many boxes left over. Or, oh, we got waaay to much packing tape, and paper. Nope. Pretty much used it all up. I was shocked to say the least. Do I seriously have that much stuff???

Working at an interior design store was both a blessing and a curse. I think we had about 10-15 big boxes of JUST decor. Not including large pictures, and furniture. The plus side of it all is that we won't have to buy much when we move into a house. I keep reminding Steve of that little detail, and it seems to calm him a bit.

We got everything loaded on the storage boxes in a just a couple days, thanks to Elders Quorum helpers, and then we had to cram the rest of our stuff in our cars to take to my parents house. And after all that, it was so weird walking through our place, totally empty. This is where Steve and I first started out. This is where we brought Bridger home from the hospital. This is where we've lived for almost 3 years now. This was home to me. And I kinda miss that old place! I never thought I would say it, but I do. I kinda miss it.

But, I am pretty excited for our new adventure here in Colorado. I'm excited to see where we buy a house. I'm excited to have my OWN house to do whatever I want to! I am excited to make new friends. I am excited to live near my parents and other cousins that I haven't been around much since high school. I'm excited for Steve's new job, because he seems to be really really excited about it. I think there is going to be a lot of opportunity there, and that makes me so proud of him.

Before we left, we were able to cram in a lot with our friends and family. These past three weeks have been some of the busiest yet, and still were so fun! We were able to get together with just about everyone we planned on, and of course hit up some of our favorite places together. J Dawgs was at the top of the list, and we even got a bottle of the Special Sauce to hold us over til the next time we are over...about 2 weeks. We are going to miss our friends and family in Utah! But, it's nice to know that we will be back fairly often. I have a sister over there that I have to see! I'll just hop in the car with my mom when she comes over for the weekend!

Steve had his first day of work yesterday. Yep, my love, your vacation is officially over! It was a fun 3 months; it was so nice having him around to hang out with and to help take care of B. It's a little strange waking up in the morning and him being gone. He leaves pretty early in the morning, but hopefully that means that he'll just get to come home earlier. Traffic here is kind of a beast. It will definitely take some getting used to. Yesterday, because of an accident, it took him over an hour to get to work. Today, it was only 35 minutes. Much more doable. He's already feeling better about everything today! This job is really flexible too, so he'll be able to work from home sometimes, too. He's pretty excited about everything and the direction his career is going.

Bridger and I are just settling in to life here in Colorado. We are going to have fun going to the pool, going on walks/hikes, playing in the yard and on the swings, going to the park, and hopefully making lots of friends along the way :)

Ok, that's a pretty good update for now. Whew!

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  1. We wish you had moved to Kansas, but we're so excited for your new adventure!