Thursday, August 16, 2012


The other day, Bridger and I were in a store, and this little boy poked his mom, and said, "Mom! Mom! Look! Look at the little baby! He has HUUUUUGE eyes!"

The mom, turned around, smiled at me, and agreed. "Yes, his eyes really are HUUUUUGE!" 

More often than not, whether we're in the grocery store, the gas station, out shopping, or just walking around, the first thing that people notice about Bridger are his BIG eyes. And they are--they are HUGE!

And they are just about the sweetest eyes I have ever seen.


  1. He jut keeps looking more and more lie steve! I do love his eyes!

  2. His eyes really are gorgeous and so sweet. Love that little guy. I already craving a visit from you two so badly...planning a trip back yet? :)

  3. Look at you blogging more and more!! I haven't been on my computer in over three months so there is a lot of post here that I haven't ever seen before! He does have big eyes!! And I think he looks so much like Steve too. I feel like those are Steve's eyes. You should put up baby pictures of you and Steve so I can see who he looks most like. He is a good mix between the two of you. Hope you guys are doing well! Miss you!