Thursday, July 11, 2013

June Happenings

Did June go by in a flash, or was it just me?

This is Baby Time. It's at the library, and they sing songs, and read stories, and play with toys. Bridger loved it!

Garage sale finds.

Another garage sale find. And B likes to sit in it more than anything. (I'm sure the fact that Big Fella fills it with warm water, making it his personal little hot tub has nothing to do with it!) He's also naked a lot these days. It's just so hot here right now!

Swimming at Grandma GG's pool. And crackin' while he's at it :)

Splash Pad fun. This park is like 5 minutes from our new house! You will find us here often! Maybe even daily :)

 Hanging out with the big kids, of course.

Same park. They also have this little wading/stream area that's perfect for B. He was in heaven, splashing around, walking up and down the stream, making friends with all the big kids.

Weekly concert in the park.

Rockies Game.

First bite of Dippin' Dots. He was unsure at first, but LOVED it as soon as he figured out what it was exactly.

First Tatoo. A puppy riding a firetruck. Pretty intimidating, right??

He loves hats. But not his own. He loves anyone else's hat. This is my cousin Aaron's hat, and B thought he was pretttttty cool wearing this cowboy hat sideways. Look at him checking himself out!

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  1. Bridger is so dang cute! June (and this whole summer!) did fly by. And I am not just catching up on your blog. :) Love the picture of you at Bridger at the park. And him and Steve there too. You guys all look great.