Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Father's Day (a little late!)

This boy loves his Daddy.
He runs to him when he walks in the door from work at night.
He wrestles with him.
He gives him big and tight bear hugs.
He gives him kisses all the time.
He plays cars with him.
He splashes and plays with him in the pool.
He learns how to play golf from him.
He eats treats and snacks with him.
These guys are best buds.
I am grateful to have Steve in my life. He is such a great dad, and I love watching him learn and grow with Bridger. Being a parent is sometimes not the easiest job, but Steve loves it. You can tell. He is so proud of Bridger, and loves him so much.
I love you Steve, and the father you are to our little prince.
He's sure lucky to have you. (and so am I)

And then there is my dad.

My dad is the best.
He's always been one of my biggest supporters.
He's steady and level-headed and wise.
He's funnier than most people even know.
He's compassionate and loving and aware.
He makes the best pancakes this side of the Mississippi.
He's strong in the Gospel and his life is centered on Christ.
He loves my mom more than anything.
He loves each of us girls second best.

I am lucky to have been raised by such a great guy.

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