Monday, July 15, 2013

eighteen months

Little B is not so little anymore! He's a year and a half, to be exact!
It hardly seems real to me that our life has zoomed by this quickly.
We've hit all the big milestones with this little guy: 
//rolling, sitting, scooting, crawling, standing, walking, running//
//talking with his eyes, cooing, laughing, babbling, and talking and saying actual words and sounds//
//nursing (which was not a huge success), bottle feeding (a huge blessing!), baby food (which was not a hit), big people food (which was a HUGE success)//
//0-3 month onesies, and footie pjs, hats, and cozy blankets that coordinated to the outfits//
//3-6 month rompers and still in footie pjs most of the time//
//6-12 month tank top rompers, shorts, water diapers, bucket hats, little jackets, and his first pair of jeans//
//12-18 month pants, and actual walking shoes, sweaters, button-up shirts, a cozy winter puffer coat, and the cutest little hooded, striped onesie outfit that I put him in every change I could get, because it reminded me of when he was just a tiny baby// 
//18-24 month (where we are now) short/capris, lots of t-shirts (because some days he goes through multiple), baby crocs, swim suits, tank tops, bow ties, sandals, and boat shoes....and the ever present mowhawk (which has been trimmed now, about 3 or 4 times)// 
Needless to say, it's been a year of many, many FIRSTS! We can't wait to see what this little munchkin does next. He keeps us on our toes, and laughing like crazy as we go.
At 18 months, Bridger:
-is such a flirt! He kisses all the girls (and boys, actually) and gives hugs whenever he sees little kids
-loves to play outside
-likes to throw balls ("ba!")
-knows what a doggie says ("Ruh!")
-knows how to say mama, dada, ball (ba!), water (wa-wa), up (ut!), boat (butttt), hi, bye (both of those words are pretty high-pitched!)
-still signs the words: more, all done, please, and thank you
-loves to dance (if B hears music, he runs to it, so he doesn't miss a second of dancing time)
-loves babies (he's so sweet with little Madden, he kisses his face and head, and gives him hugs)
-is becoming a bit of a picky eater (but maybe it's because he hasn't felt great this past week)
-he loves cereal and strawberries
-loves Honey's morning smoothies still
-loves to read books, and sing songs (especially Popcorn Popping)
-loves piggy back rides down the stairs
-chasing the kitty around the house
-folds his arms for prayer
-loves bouncing on the bed
-loves his kitty and little red Tonka truck
-loves chocolate (surprise, surprise)
-loves to play in the water, and especially loves to throw water on unsuspecting visitors
-loves to take showers and baths
-likes to go on wagon rides around the neighborhood
-holds my hand when we walk across the street (or even when we're just walking down the hall...this is one of my very favorite things)
-still likes to help us to just about everything...vacuuming, laundry, dishes, cleaning up the floor....everything except picking up his toys. Hah! 
-runs everywhere...I love hearing the sound of his feet running across the floor. It's so cute!
-has started pulling on his diaper when he's wet or messy. He doesn't like the feeling of being in a dirty diaper, I think. Potty training early perhaps???
-likes waving to cars and people as they go by, and saying "Hiiiiii! Byeeeeee!"
-loves airplanes and points to the sky and goes running outside whenever he hears one
-is pretty attached to me right now, much to McKae's dismay. He doesn't love being with strangers (and McKae for some weird reason), if I am not close by.
-loves popcorn
-loves drinking out of normal cups (he thinks he is sooo big)
-climbs on everything these days
I really could go on and on.....
All in all, 18 month olds are b u s y! Hello! He's always up to something, exploring and learning as he goes. I love watching him get so big. Everyone should have a little boy at some point. I think if my mom had had one more, it definitely would have been a boy. It had to have been. Every family needs a boy! They really are so much fun.
I am beyond grateful for my little family. Bridger has blessed our lives in more ways than I can count. And now for real...time can seriously stop.
Wait, no. We close on our house on Wednesday. Time...keep on movin'!

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