Tuesday, July 9, 2013

17 Months (1 month late)

This little boy. Just look at him. Please. His face just kills me.
17 months have seriously flown by. I can't believe how fast it's all gone. It seems like just yesterday I was cradling my tiny newborn and trying to figure the whole "mom" and "schedule" thing out. Now, I have a crazy toddler not walking, but running around. He's the light of our lives, for sure, and if all of my babies are as sweet at this little one has been, I could have a dozen kids.
Just kidding, Steve. Calm down.
At 17 months, Bridger:
-runs everywhere, and consequently, has many bruises, bumps, scrapes, and cuts to prove it
-signs all the time and now signs for more than just food, for example, when we sing a song he likes, as soon as the song is over, Bridger is doing the sign for more, over and over and over and over.
-loves popsicles, and does a pretty good job at NOT getting them all over the place.
-loves the pool and is completely and utterly FEARLESS when it comes to the water. This is both good and bad. He is perfectly content with the water right up to his mouth. He goes under the water, jumps off the edge, is learning to kick his feet, and float on his back, and blows bubbles like a champ. Swim lessons next summer is a definite must! Or maybe even swim team, depending on how good he gets this summer :)
-says some words! Dadda, Mamma, Ball, Up ("Uttt")
-finally has gone into Nursery! One month early, and I was more than thrilled to put him in there. Every time that nursery door would open, Bridger would see the toys and kids, and want to go in and play. They finally allowed him to go in early, and it was a good day. He did great! Only cried a couple times, because he got pushed over by some of the bigger kids. He's doing better and better each week though, which I'm thrilled about.
-likes to draw on the back patio with chalk, much to Big Fella's dismay (he hates chalk). Bridger likes to get the chalk all wet (because he saw some of his friends do it when they came over to play) and then color with it, because then it turns into "paint" (which, by the way, makes it even harder to wash off....sorry again, Dad).
-likes to smell (and pick) Honey's flowers. He smells them, and says "mmmmm!" It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. He helps Honey water her flowers in the morning, and likes to play in the hose water. He usually ends up wet by the end of it all.
-likes hot dogs, mac and cheese, pb&j, chicken nuggets, pretty much all fruit, carrots, crackers, shakeology, and fruit snacks. And still likes to dip all his food in pretty much anything.
-LOVES LOVES LOVES ice. Is this normal? He becomes a crazy person whenever he sees that we have ice and he doesn't. This child could eat ice all day long.
-knows where his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, belly button, head, teeth, shoulders, and toes are
-kisses on command (this is my favorite)
-likes going to rides in the laundry basket
-likes anything with wheels, and can spot a wheel from a mile away! (or so it seems)
-likes his kitty still, but has since discovered his little Tonka trucks. He has 2 and LOVES them. They have kinda replaced the kitty, actually. If he has his little red truck, he will go to sleep just fine. Hah! And when I go in to his room to get him in the morning, he won't leave his crib unless he has his little red truck in hand.
-is totally soothed by books. I love this.
-loves playing with kids. Big kids, little kids. It doesn't matter. He is a little social butterfly, and loves to be around people.
-likes to help do whatever I'm doing. Laundry (he shakes out the clothes as they come out of the washer), dishes (he likes to close the dishwasher), baking (he likes to hold the hand mixer), vacuuming (he likes to hold the little vacuum and drag it around the house).
-loves to sit outside on the front porch steps and wave to cars as they drive by.
We love you B, and are so happy that we get to be your Mom and Dad!

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