Tuesday, February 5, 2013

wake up call

The night before my birthday, we were woken up by a crying baby around midnight.
This same thing happened one week before. Non-stop, hard, loud crying for 20 minutes until the medicine kicked in. Poor baby has been teething, and it's been pretty rough on him.
For a split second, I was upset, because waking up in the middle of the night is not anything I've had to do since he was a tiny little thing. He has always been a great sleeper.
Those upset feelings quickly went away as I scooped up my boy, and held him tight.
I am the luckiest! I get to be Bridger's mom. I get to be the one he cries for at night. I get to be the one that soothes him back to sleep. I get to be the one that snuggles with him until he feels better. I get to be the one that loves him the very most.
This was a sweet reminder, the night before my birthday, that I have everything I could ever want. (well, except maybe our own home--hah!)
I have my own sweet, little family.
Bridger has a dad that is the funnest playmate :)
I have the most kind and loving husband that always seems to think of the little things...because he knows that's what I notice the most.
And together, we have Bridger. The sweetest baby boy that reminds us constantly, even in the middle of the night, just how lucky we are to have him.
So, here's to my 27th year, and many, many more sleepless nights of snuggles and loves.

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  1. So sweet. We really are so lucky to have these sweet babies. I love reading things like this and hearing someone being so appreciative of their blessings and babies. Love ya.