Friday, February 15, 2013

lovers day with my little lovey


we are a day late in posting this, but better late than never, right?
i love this little valentine of mine, and can't believe this is B's second valentine's day. he loved opening his valentines from his Honey and Mamma Donna and Papa Dick. he also loved eating chocolate hearts and reading his new book from his Grandma and Grandpa GG about 17 times.
he also rocked a pink polo yesterday. i was kinda excited when i bought it for him. perfect for valentine's day and perfect for spring. win/win. i thought it looked really cute on him, but a random man at the store thought B was a girl...and i'm positive it's because of the shirt. here's the story: B and i were doing some last minute valentine gift shopping for the mister. we were perusing through the ties, trying to pick out the perfect one. there was a man close by, doing the same, and holding a sparkly pink pair of converse sneakers (for his daughter i'm guessing). anyway, after making some faces at B and telling me how cute he is, the man came up to B, put the shoes right in front of him, and said,
"someday you'll be able to wear sparkly pink shoes just like these!"  
i didn't have the guts to say anything to him. i just turned my cart around and walked away, and muttered under my breath, "you are NOT a girl."
{i'm keeping the shirt, by the way.}
it's safe to say we have lots of love for this little bug. he lights up our life, and keeps us on our toes. he really is the love of our life.  
yesterday also marked B's 13 month birthday. hah. i don't know how long to keep these monthly posts going. do they stop at a year? probably not. he just keeps doing so many new things, so i want to keep it all documented, sooo, the posts will continue.
at 13 months, Bridger:
-walks, runs, trips, and still crawls occasionally
-blows kisses
-kisses everything (including stuffed animals and the screen when we FaceTime people) but will not kiss me. Boo. we are working on it.
-loves books more and more. he is completely calmed and soothed whenever a book is opened. he loves turning the pages, and points to all the characters and animals on the pages.
-knows where his nose is. we say, "where's your nose?" and B scrunches up his nose, and blows in and out. it's pretty adorable.
-loves to help unload the dishwasher with mom, and load laundry into the washer and dryer
-loves bananas, spaghetti, apples, carrots, celery, goldfish crackers, pretzels, pb&j sandwhiches, quesadillas, avocado, and of course Dove chocolate. hah!
-loves to be outside, it doesn't matter how freezing cold it is, he wants to be outside all.the.time.
-likes the park, going down the slide and swinging
-waves bye-bye
-blows kisses to people (and actually makes the smacking sound as his hand leaves his mouth!)
-likes to have his teeth brushed
-likes to push things: laundry baskets, tuperware, cars, books, his stroller, grocery carts, anything really!
-runs away when he knows he's about to get in trouble. it's pretty funny, actually!
-found his belly button! he pokes at it when he's in the shower or the bath.
-loves stuffed animals
-loves the cat, and the cat food still. so gross. i'm constantly catching him with cat food in his mouth, chomping away.
-loves playing with his toys. it's the first thing he goes for in the morning. he pulls the whole basket off the shelf, and plays and plays and long as someone is in the room to watch him...he doesn't like being left alone AT.ALL.
-is becoming such a little cheeser. he puts his ear on his shoulder, and does the cheesiest little smile.
he's done so much in the past month since his birthday, and we are excited to see what this next month brings. this baby is surprising and amazing us just about every day!

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  1. What a sweet little guy! This is definitely my favorite age.:)