Sunday, January 27, 2013


we have a walking boy on our hands! he actually took his very first (tiny as they might have been) steps a few days before his birthday, but now, he is doing so much better!

today at church, he was getting all kinds of attention (and applause) for his new little trick...and loving every second of it, as he clapped for himself, too. he is pretty proud of himself!

he can't just stand up and walk quite yet, but i'm sure within just a little bit, he will be keeping up with all the other kids...which means he will be that much closer to going into nursery! yay! for now, he walks from chair to sofa to mom to dad, back to the chair, back to the sofa, back to mom, and back to dad. we think it's just about the most amazing thing any baby has ever done. ever.

need proof? well here's pictures to prove it.

and yes, no pants is normal in our house.
besides, they distract from his awesome new superman shirt :)

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