Thursday, October 18, 2012


Bridger and I took a little trip down south to Texas last week to visit Marianne, Brian, and little Hailey bug. They moved down to Pflugerville, Texas in May and bought a great house. They had talked about having me come down to help with the decorating, and we finally got around to scheduling a trip! Life was a little crazy and the summer just wasn't going to happen with us moving to Denver. Now that we are both all settled, we decided that October would be a great time to come, which I was happy about because then it wouldn't be a million degrees! Austin seems like a great area, and a place that they will love living for a long time. Aaaaand a great place for us to come visit!

Bridger and I had such a fun time down in the warm weather with some of our very favorite people. Bridger is finally at an age where he can start to play with other kids, or at least be interested in what they are doing :) Needless to say, Hailey sure kept him entertained! They were so great together. One evening, while Marianne was trying to get dinner going, and I was busy hanging pictures and art on the walls, we put B and Hailey in the bedroom and flipped on cartoons for a little while. Surprisingly, they just stayed in the room, Bridger didn't cry or get fussy, nothing was destroyed or broken, and they just laid there together on the floor. It was a pretty cute little moment. 

The majority of our time was spent decorating, which I thought was fun. I think poor Marianne was a little exhausted by the time it was all said and done....except it's not even quite done yet! Hah! I think their house looks really great though. I'm excited to see more of the house come together when they get a few more missing pieces! Bridger and I had a ton of fun just hanging out with them. Steve was feeling a little left out, I'm sure, but we are hoping to get down there in the spring sometime for another visit.

The last night we were there, they took B and I to Rudy's. I had never heard of it. This place was authentic Texas BBQ, apparently. We walked into this place, (which by the way, on the front of the restaurant in big, neon lights, says, "worst BBQ in Texas") and I literally felt like I was in a different country. It was hilarious! Who knew a bunch of slabs of meat would round up so many people! Oh, and I'm convinced that this place keeps Wonder Bread in business...they must go through 100 bags of that stuff a night. They gave us like half a bag of bread for just us 3 adults. And they told us to come back for more if we needed! Crazy I tell you. And even crazier that we went back for more! (Bridger was loving the bread) Picnic tables slid together to make giant tables for family style dining, plastic bags of water hanging above our heads (I'm still not quite sure what that's all about), plastic pop bottle crates used for our food tray, pieces of wax paper for "plates," bathroom style paper towel dispenser for napkins....and the list goes on. Crazy I tell you.

Rudy's was s o . m u c h . f u n .

Here's a few pics to prove it:

Thank you Brian, Marianne, and Hailey for letting Bridger and me come visit! We sure miss living with you guys, but we're excited to come see you again soon....and we may have to make a little pit stop by Rudy's again when we do.  


  1. Looks like a fun trip! I'm so jealous Marianne got you to decorate her house! I would love that! ;)

  2. Missing pieces like the silly rug that still hasn't arrived. I've been recovering this week with several naps. We've missed you guys this week, forgot how much I liked spending the day time talking with you. Thanks again and your welcome here anytime.

  3. aw i'm jealous! i would love to see all of you!