Thursday, October 18, 2012


we've got a stair climber on our hands!

look at this little dare devil! He keeps crawling over by the stairs, so now, I've decided that instead of taking him away from the stairs each time, it's time to teach the boy to go up and down.

we started today by just going up the stairs, and we'll work on going down, really soon!

he did so great though! he climbed those stairs like a champ, and didn't wobble or get distracted by my constant cheers of encouragement--or by my hand that was there, just in case :) i was so surprised that he caught on so quickly; i thought it would take a lot longer to teach him, than it did.

do you think he was a little exhausted after the big climb? i think his face says YES!


  1. Kendyle, I think that is so smart. Asher can go up and down the stairs without me worrying about him and it is so nice. I tended a baby a few months older than him who didn't know how to do the stairs and I had to worry about her the whole time. It's better that they just know how and then eventually in a few months you can relax.