Monday, October 22, 2012


fall is here!
and as quickly as we were enjoying all these beautiful leaves, they were all blown off our two giant trees in the front and backyard with a huge windstorm last week. bummer.
good thing i got a few pictures of the trees before they became naked.
Bridger loves the leaves. he kicks and kicks and kicks his feet and likes to hear them crunch.
he even likes to eat them. well, at least put them in his mouth. (i don't let him swallow them, of course!)
today, while i was cleaning the tray off his high chair, i just sat him outside the back door on the door mat, and let him play in the pile of leaves. he was in heaven. he crunched them in his hands and brought a bunch into the house unknowingly...they were stuck to his bum :)
i wish fall would last longer.
it is by far my favorite season.
and one of the reasons why i LOVE colorado so much.

p.s. isn't he the most handsome devil you've ever seen?
thanks Honey for the cute outfit!

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  1. I love the pictures! Glad you're enjoying Colorado!