Wednesday, October 17, 2012

one more month has flown by!

Bridger is at such a fun age right now! He's on the move, so obviously that makes my life a little more hectic, but that's ok. Bridger is exploring every nook and cranny of my mom's house and just today, discovered the stairs.

He started crawling over to the top of the stairs, so I took him to the bottom, and had him climb up. I thought it would take him a little bit to figure it all out, but he caught on super quick! He didn't even really wobble much and surprisingly, wasn't distracted by much either. His motivation? a J.Crew shopping bag and my mom cheering him on at the top of the stairs. We've climbed the stairs now a few times, and each time, he's getting better and better. Now, the trick is to get him to go down the stairs. That one might take a little more time.

At 8 months, our little bug:
-is crawling like a maniac! he's all over the place, like I said, and so much happier now that he isn't confined to a little square blanket in the middle of the family room.
-has 3 teeth: the first came in on the bottom, the second on the top (is that normal??), and now the third has finally popped through on the bottom, after a week of crankiness and a runny nose.
-loves graham crackers, goldfish, cheerios, bananas, applesauce, chicken, cheese, toast, and apple juice.
-not a huge fan of baby food anymore. He likes to be able to feed himself, and hasn't figured out how to use his spoon exactly, so he just gets mad. If I use a normal spoon, though, he'll sometimes eat his baby food. It's almost more of a hassle, so we might be done with it pretty dang soon.
-loves to roll around on Honey's bed. I think it's the soft, silky blanket!
-claps his hands whenever we start singing and playing pat-a-cake
-so close to being able to say Mamma and Dadda! Sooo close!
-LOVES, LOVES, LOVES being outside! Loves sitting right in the leaves, or grass, and loves to watch the cars pass by.
-likes to swing
-loves the kitty still, but now he's able to keep up a little better, so the kitty is even more annoyed, I'm sure
-gets the biggest smile on his face when Daddy comes home from work
-pulls himself up onto furniture...including his crib. This is a new trick as of two nights ago. It could be a rough few days (hopefully) until he figures out how to get down after he's pulled himself up.
-loves to read books
-likes to be sung to
-sleeps from about 8:30-7:30 and takes a couple naps each day
-finally figured out how to use a sippy cup! (thanks Marianne!)
-likes playing peek-a-boo
-figured out how to play with cars, and likes to spin the wheels
-likes playing with tupperware lids, spoons, spatulas, brushes, bottles of lotion, door stops, and toothbrushes
-learning how to give kisses...more like open-mouthed, face attacks at this point :)

Steve and I find ourselves talking about Bridger a lot when he gets home from work at night, and I sometimes wonder, what did we talk about before this little boy entered our lives. Needless to say, Bridger has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives, and we couldn't be happier.

In other news...we are still living at my mom and dad's house. We hope to get this whole house hunting thing underway soon, though! We have been driving around and have been online, looking at homes in the area frequently though, so hopefully, once we get the ball rolling, we'll have luck finding a great home for our little family. Until then, we are grateful for my mom and dad's hospitality. They really are the best, letting us crash their basement. We are lucky to be living with them, and I know Bridger is loving all the attention....we might have a monster on our hands when it comes time for us to go though! Hmmm...

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  1. Yay His tooth came in hopefully no more runny nose. Glad the sippy cups worked out.