Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't Go!

It's a sad day here in the Hakes home.

I can't hear Hailey upstairs when she wakes up!
And Marianne doesn't come downstairs anymore to visit!

The Denison's moved to Austin, the same day that we left for Colorado, and it didn't really hit me that they were gone until we came back from our trip.

Our house is so quiet, and it's kinda strange. We've always had someone upstairs, and for the majority of the time that we've been here, it was Brian, Marianne and Hailey.

We are definitely going to miss them!

Before they left, we had a little party in our backyard with some friends from our ward.
We have some really great families in our ward and we are going to miss them too when we end up moving!

Good luck in Austin, Denison family!
See you in a couple weeks!

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  1. Oh we miss you two. Hailey and I were looking at pictures today and she was pointing to Dee-Dee and Stewv. We had great memories the last couple years. Couldn't have asked for better house mates.