Thursday, May 17, 2012

Learning Moment

This is so funny.

Last night, Steve and I were finishing up dinner, and I said, "Hey maybe we should feed Bridger some rice cereal tonight before bed! That could be fun!" (It would have been his first time ever)

Steve got pretty excited, and said, "Ya! Don't we have some Rice Krispies?"

Umm. Seriously? He must be joking, I thought.


He said, "I think we have some in the pantry we can give to him!"

What the? I was dying! I guess I wasn't thorough enough when I told him we could start feeding Bridger rice cereal.

He's right, though. Rice Krispies ARE rice cereal (and pretty good, too, as long as you dump a bunch of sugar on top)...just not the kind a 4 month old can eat. :)

Steve learned last night that THIS is the rice cereal that Bridger will be eating.

Haha, I love that man of mine.

**We actually didn't have any cereal to feed Bridger that night, which is why there are no pictures of him eating any. Soon though!  


  1. Hah, this totally cracked me up! How funny of Steve! I can't wait til you actually do feed bridger his first foods. I want to hear how it goes.