Sunday, January 27, 2013

the party

{picture overload...proceed at your own risk}

Our Bridger boy sure is loved! 
We had the best time celebrating his party with all of our Colorado family. Bridger loves playing with any little kid, so he would have just been fine with some cousins and a cupcake to celebrate. But...of course that wasn't enough for me, so I did a few little things to make it special. 

He wasn't so sure about his birthday cake. I was totally expecting him to dive right in and be a huge frosted mess, and then I would get to hose him off in the sink, and we would get all these cute bath pictures. Not so much. Maybe he wasn't so into it, because treats and sugar aren't such a foreign thing to him. Truth is, I think he probably had a cookie before the guests arrived. Anyway, the little stinker poked around at the cake for a bit, took a few little nibbles here and there, and other than that, he pretty much just smeared the cake all over his tray.

It's probably for the best anyway. Especially since B's pediatrician said that treats are ok, but I should probably limit them to about 1-2 per month. per month?? Ok seriously. Let's get real.

Steve made Bridger the best present. He made him his very own barn. When I turned one, my mom and dad gave me a little playhouse that my mom had made out of a big screen tv box. It had a door the opened and closed, and shutters, and shingles on the roof. It was pretty dang cute. We played in that little house for years. It was one of the best gifts! Steve and I had a big box saved from a piece of furniture, and I wanted Steve to make something similar to my little playhouse that I had as a kid...except a little less girly (did I mention my playhouse had curtains in the windows? Ya. That definitely wouldn't fly with a boy). A barn was the perfect alternative. Well, Steve seriously whipped this thing together in about two nights. He worked late into the evening so that it would be ready for his party. 

It's safe to say that the barn was Bridger's favorite present. He loves it. It's kind of his happy place. It totally soothes him when he gets fussy. "Just take him to the barn" is a phrase we've come to know well. Steve will just hang out in there with him, and play peekaboo through the windows and door. Bridger gets a kick out of it...and so do I actually. It's a total flashback from when my sisters and I used to play in my little house. 
So grateful I have a husband that not only knows how to build a real house, but a cardboard one, too. 

Bridger wasn't so sure about the whole party thing, and everything being about him. He was a trooper though! To be honest, I think his favorite part of the night was taking a bubble bath with all his awesome new bath toys (thanks Brookie!) But, we sure are grateful to have such awesome family around that came to love on our little boy with us. We are lucky to have so many fun family members to help celebrate. 
Thank you for everyone that came! It wouldn't have been a party without you! 

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  1. Everything looks darling Kendyle! I love the 1 sugar cookies, Bridger boy's cute hat, the O-N-E bunting and that cute polka dotted bunting! So cute. And Asher was the same way about his cake, and we hadn't given him many sweets before. I think it is just hard for them to be the center of so much attention when they are so little. He is so darling. Happy birthday Bridger!