Sunday, March 11, 2012


Oh, it has been beautiful this weekend! Capri, skirt, t-shirt, and sunglasses, kind of beautiful. We are loving it! Bridger is too, although, the sun is something new for him, and I'm not sure how much he is loving how bright it is!  

We finally got a stroller, on Friday actually, and decided to take it out for a spin. Bridger loves anything that moves. He doesn't like being put in his carseat, but as soon as we pick it up and start moving, he instantly stops fussing. And the car? Oh the car is even better. He falls asleep pretty much the instant the engine turns on.

The stroller was no exception. He loved it! I can see many more walks in the very near future, especially if they include little trips to the Creamery for ice cream :)

We are just praying the weather holds up. In fact, I think I'd better start praying for spring to come a little early this year!

(Thanks Mom and Dad for the stroller! My tired arms are grateful!)