Sunday, March 18, 2012

2 Months

Where has the time gone? It seems like 2 months just flew right by and now my newborn is now a baby! Don't even talk to me about how soon it will be until he's a toddler. I just can't handle it. 

Bridger is such a sweet boy! We love him so much, and love watching him grow and change. I love that he knows who we are, and smiles back when we smile at him. I love how he just has us wrapped around his little finger, and Steve and I don't seem to even mind. Life is so good!

At 2 months, Bridger:
-Is sleeping 7-8 hours at night (which means I am feeling GREAT)!
-Smiles and laughs, and is starting to coo a little, too, especially in the morning
-Loves to take baths (kicking and splashing is a new favorite, too!)
-Found his hand, and thinks it's a great sucking toy, although, is still not so sure about the pacifier
-Takes a bottle and formula like a champ
-Loves his vitamins and gas drops and even cherry flavored Tylenol (sick)
-Has a few extra rolls here and there, although, still pretty little says the charts
-Started blowing bubbles this past week :)
-Loves to ride in the car or in his stroller
-Follows Steve and me with his eyes, and notices when we leave the room

Bubbles :)


  1. So cute! You've become quite the blogger. It makes me happy :)

  2. Very cute! Thanks for the updates.

  3. He is soo cute! and HOW IN THE WORLD are you getting him to sleep 7-8 hours? Did you do any sleep training? I'm dying here with my little one only going at the most 4 at night.

    1. oh janica, no I didn't do any sleep training really! I do, however, try and keep him up for a couple hours before I put him down for the night so that he's really tired. I also give him a bath every night before bed, and that seems to calm him down and relax him quite a bit. I think most of it is just luck though, unfortunately :) I'm just praying it's not a phase and he'll go back to sleeping for just 3 hours at a time! ahh! I feel your pain!