Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy (late) Easter!

Well, even though Bridger was around for Easter last year, this year really felt like the little man's first Easter, because he was able to do so much more! Last year basically consisted of me putting a few little goodies in his basket, and video taping Steve as he wandered around our little apartment with Bridger, pretending he didn't know exactly where the little basket was hidden (the dryer, of course). After it was found, we took a few pictures of our little Easter family, bit some peep's heads off, munched on some cadbury eggs, and called it a day.

Wait. I remember now. Steve and I sent each other on an egg hunt. Steve hid my eggs outside, and I hid his inside. He did a good job hiding the eggs. Maybe a little too good! Ok, so I guess we were a little more festive than I thought.

Anyway, this year was so fun! Our ward had a little Easter egg hunt the day before Easter, and Bridger loved it! He loves anything that involves little kids. He thinks he is just as big as they are and does a pretty good job and keeping up with all of them. The littlest kids just had eggs spread out on the lawn, so it made it pretty easy to "hunt" them. Bridger, however, wasn't too interested in the whole hunt, and preferred picking up the goose droppings and putting those in his mouth. Disgusting, I know, but he's a boy. I'm told it's normal.

He finally got the hang of it toward the end, when he realized there was CANDY inside the eggs. And we all know how much B loves candy! All in all, it was a blast, and a great start to our Easter weekend.

His basket is cute, right? Girly? I didn't think so. Easter baskets are supposed to be cutesy. Steve, on the other hand, wasn't so sure about it. I think by the end of the weekend, it was growing on him a little bit, though. :)

Easter Sunday was perfect. Church was great, and Bridger did awesome throughout all of it. I didn't even have to take him out into the hall once during the whole 3 hours! Now THAT'S something to brag about! He looked so cute, too! Growing up, my sisters and I would have Easter outfits to wear on Sunday. I remember one year, we all had hats with silk flowers and bows glued all over that matched the dresses that my mom made. In Primary, I remember a girl sitting behind me, tapping me on the shoulder, and telling me that I really needed to take the hat off, because she couldn't see anything that was going on at the front of the room. Hah! How rude! Didn't she know that the hat was a very crucial accessory to the outfit?? Hellooo!

Anyway, Bridger looked adorable in his new Easter outfit from Honey. And Steve looked handsome in his new tie from me :)

It is a tradition in my family, that the youngest kid's basket is always in the dryer.

That basket was STUFFED! Bubbles, balls, a stuffed walrus, bouncing little chick, chocolate bunnies, and peeps (of course!).
*Don't worry Mama Donna, we bit the heads off first!*

He loved being outside, and after a little coaxing, was totally into finding the eggs, and slamming them down into his basket, which resulted in several (if not ALL) cracked eggs. We made egg salad pretty soon after :) We should have known--anything round is a ball these days!
Bridger loves his Honey and Big Fella. So happy that we got to spend the holiday with family!
Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and eggs aside, we are truly grateful for this time of year and what it really means. Celebrating the rebirth and renewal of our beautiful surroundings (even though it's snowing as I'm writing this) and most importantly, celebrating the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. HE LIVES!


  1. Oh my goodness- you look exactly like your mom! We had the same experience of Molly slamming down her eggs to get out the candy. Poor eggs

  2. Don't forget dyeing Easter eggs with the Denison's last year. We even joked about how this year we didn't have fancy goblets to dye the eggs in :)