Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This was so big, it deserves its very own post.

It has only happend a few times in his short little life, and when it did, it was oh so great.

Honey (my mom) has the magic touch, and got Bridger to do it TWICE since I've been back home.

The little munchkin did it for about 2 HOURS!

What could it be, you ask??

I know this is no big deal for most of you, but seriously, to me, it was.

If he would just take a pacifier EVERY ONCE AND AWHILE, it would be so great! I don't care that he doesn't take one every single day, actually, I kinda prefers that he doesn't, but every now and then, it would be nice....

He hasn't taken it since. :)

But...he discoverd that his cute little fist fits somewhat nicely in his mouth, and he'll suck on that All.Day.Long.

Who needs a pacifier anyway?!

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  1. Kendyle! How did I not know you were blogging? Bridger is so dang cute! I loved seeing all of these updates about him. Asher doesn't take a binky either and there were definitely times I wish he would, but other times it is nice he doesn't. Call me when you're back in town so we can get together. I'm sure you've been having an amazing time with your family!