Friday, April 13, 2012

Colorado (cont.)

Bridger and I had so much fun at my parents house.
My mom had all kinds of projects for us to work on while I was there, but after playing with Bridger for just one morning, she realized that all those projects would just have to wait until we left to go back to Utah. We basically spent 2 weeks playing with and staring at Bridger Boy.

Seriously though, how can you even resist!

We celebrated McKae's 17th Birthday while I was there. I can hardly believe my little sister is that old! She is such a fun auntie, and Bridger loves her.

Funny story:
McKae decided to switch it up this year and have a strawberry shortcake for her birthday party with the whole family instead of the chocolate whipped cream cake. I was excited for the cake, as was everyone else. We sang to McKae, she made a wish, blew out her candles, took a bite out of the cake like we usually do, and then my mom started cutting slices for everyone. Before they were passed out, my mom licked her finger and quickly knew something was wrong. REALLY WRONG. The whipped cream was sour, and no amount of sugar was going to make it better. Haha, why didn't McKae say anything?? She's just too sweet I guess! Needless to say, the entire cake went into the trash, and we had birthday s'mores instead :)

Look how pretty the cake looked!

Mom loved doing her Pilates exercises with Bridger each morning. And I think he liked it too!

This little one is loved, if you can't tell.

So, when we did make it out of the house, it was usually to go to Yogurtland, or to go to Baby Gap. I think my mom and I visited every Baby Gap in the area, and Bridger's wardrobe is proof! He got some pretty cute things, and is the cutest boy dressed up in his new outfits!

 Sneaky Mom, trying to feed Bridger some of her yogurt!

Thanks Honey for my cute new outfits!  

I was home to watch conference with my family. It was so great! Really wonderful talks about family especially.  I think Bridger even liked it :)

Ever since I started giving Bridger a bath at night, he's been sleeping so well. I'm a little afraid to stop giving him his bath each night, in fear that he won't sleep through the night! So, each night, we have our routine, and my mom and dad were eager to jump in and be a part of the whole thing! It was pretty sweet.

Here's the routine:
Each night, at 9 o'clock, Dad would go into his bedroom and start the bath.
Mom would wash his little body, and let him splash her like crazy. (This little boy LOVES LOVES LOVES the bath!)
While Mom was bathing him, Dad would go and put the towel in the dryer so it was all toasty warm when Bridger was ready to get out.
I was the runner. I would run to get jammies and his diaper and blankets all ready.
(Bridger, is still just kicking and spashing away while all this running around is going on. Lucky kid.)
Dad would get the bottle ready.
After Bridger was done splashing, Mom would hand Bridger off to Dad in that toasty warm towel I mentioned earlier.
Cuddle, cuddle. Picture, picture.

Mom would then lotion him up, and give him a little massage.
Mom would get him all dressed and wrapped in his cozy blanket.
Then I would make him cry, because I'd have to clean out his nose. I had to do the mean stuff.

I'd then pass him off to my dad, who, in the mean time, had gotten himself all comfy on his bed, with a couple pillows stacked next to him, so that Bridger's head would be all comfy (or my dad's arm, but whatever) and then my dad would feed him his bottle.

After his bottle, he'd pass the babe off to me or my mom, and we'd go tuck him in his little crib and kiss his sweet little face goodnight.


Bridger sure is lucky to have grandparents that love him soooo much! We loved spending time with my parents and McKae for those couple weeks, and can't wait to see them again soon! 

We were pretty excited to come home though. We sure missed Steve A LOT! He was able to get a lot of studying done while we were gone, but he was pretty happy to have us home, too :)


Bridger took his first flight!

 I was a little nervous that he would be fussy, but he was the complete opposite! He drank his bottle as they were pressurizing the plane, so his ears never hurt, and then he slept the entire way. As we were getting off the plane, the cute flight attendant asked if I wanted to document his first flight with a picture, I said sure, and she backed up to take the picture, but I could tell she wasn't satisfied.

She called the pilot over and made him stand in the picture with me! Hah! He was a little reluctant at first, but once he saw Bridger, he said, "Ooooh! Of course! How could I say no to him!?"

I'm thinking Bridger could come in really handy in some sticky situations :)

So here it is. It's documented!

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us come and bombard you guys for a couple of weeks!
We sure love your guts!

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  1. I love the night time routine with your parents. Sleeping through the night is wonderful so keep up your routine.